spotlight The 1st FORCSS Case Study was developed with a global financial organization that serves over 12 million customers. They are aggressively expanding in terms of both geography and revenue, driving need for robust IT in a timely fashion. This case study demonstrates the value and utility of FORCSS in today's rapid-deployment decision-making process. Read it HERE.

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Uptime Institute provides consulting services to corporations and government agencies with critical uptime needs of their data centers. Our clients include world-wide leaders from industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, government, technology, shipping, airlines and railways, telecommunications, aeronautics, retail, and IT outsourcing among others, with the common need of minimizing downtime to their internal and external customers.
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The Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval validates the critical facilities management and operations practices of an existing data center using industry-recognized criteria. The goal of MO_Genericthe award and associated assessment is to minimize human error – the leading cause of data center downtime. Read more...

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Founded in 2013 to promote thought leadership, innovation, and proven methodologies of various disciplines and professions within the global data center industry. Its mission is also to showcase world-class projects, recognize individual- or team-level accomplishments, and further the industry at large. This publication is committed to senior-level, peer-to-peer knowledge transfer—expertise provided by the individuals responsible for development, execution, or oversight of major data center initiatives.

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